Albert Kinng

broadcast artist • graphic designer • media producer

The Art of Radio

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Once you mastered the ability to talk to an audience the next level will be to keep them listening and that’s an art not every broadcaster can do flawlessly. In my 25 years of entertaining 14 of them had been behind a mic working for broadcasting corporations such as Mega Communications, CBS radio and Entravision as well as freelance work for voice overs and cartoons characters for the hispanic market.

My services as an announcer and broadcaster are available based on your needs. My performance has many levels and can be adjust for any programming or demographic. I master the voice characterization creation and can sound as up to 10 different persons on air. Don’t hesitate to ask for my talent contacting me thru email or phone.

Everything is Designed

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I’ve been a Graphic Designer since 1992 working for clients as Hilton Hotels and Que Pasa magazine to well known Radio Stations and advertising agencies in United States and Puerto Rico. As a freelancer I can work one client at a time and can deliver a design that literally started as a pencil drawing and long conversations.

I work with Adobe products and Wacom hardware. Third party softwares also are part of my day to day tasks such as web development and marketing strategies. Always willing to learn and not afraid to push the envelope with design and creation. Please contact me for your next print project or identity development or design.

The Finished Product

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In the media industries is very important to master production tools to achieve the best results on audio or video. I’ve been working with audio production for more than 10 years behind the scenes of successful broadcast industries doing show prep elements and imagen for many talk shows and on-air programs in the United States and Puerto Rico.
I master Protools and work with well known plugins such as Waves.

Also work with video editing and consider myself an intermediate user of applications such as Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere. Audio and video production can help you get to your clients faster than you think. Please contact me if you are in need of these tasks.
Albert Kinng
Some of my designs found on promotional media and being used by my clients.
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